Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Vamps - Vamps

Vamps - Vamps
1. Bite
2. Love Addict
3. Cosmos
4. Secret In My Heart
5. Evanescent
6. Vampire Depression
7. Redrum
8. Deep Red
9. I Gotta Kick Start Now
10. Time Goes On
11. Sweet Dreams
12. Hunting
13. Sex Blood Rock 'n Roll

1. Bite - Hyde - 0:25 -
Bite isnt really a song per say but its Hyde's way of say "hey we're vampires, we like sex and women and we're awesome so get ready" and it starts the whole theme of vampires and love for the whole song

2. Love Addict - Hyde/Hyde - 4:00
This is Vamps very first single and its a damn good song. Very hard rock very fun a very catchy song. After the first time you'll be singing along. This song is in all english but there is a slight bit of engrish but its very easy to understand. Its a song about sex and makin loveeeee. that alone makes this awesome. This is one of the best songs on the album with every aspect of a good song other than a guitar solo. It will never get boring and Vamps knows that.
I Approve of this song.

3. Cosmos - Hyde/Kaz - 4:35
This is Kaz's favorite song on the album and i dont blame him. It is an amazing song it isnt like love addict really at all. It is more relaxing but its very powerful and you can feel the song go through your body. I love this song and i always will. They sing it in English and Japanese
I Approve of this song.

4. Secret In Your Heart - Hyde/Kaz - 4:15
This song is good but not as good as the rest of the songs on the album. When listening to this song you feel as if you lose track of time. It is slow and loud but its still very powerful and it has a great meaning to it. My least favorite song on the album but still pretty good
Ehhh i approve but not so much.

5. Evanescent - Hyde/Hyde - 4:28
This is vamps 3rd single and it is so goooood. Its so relaxing and you can listening to this all the time. The two guitars in this song go perfectly together. Its a powerful song lyrical wise and the guitars are soothing. its really amazing in every aspect. its pretty long but that's ok considering everything in the song is different and nothing is the same.
I Approve of this song.

6. Vampire Depression - Hyde/Kaz - 4:41
this is the definition of a BADASS song. It is the loudest song basically and when you hear it it basically screams dark and loud. The only problem is. It is VERY repetitive. It gets annoying after a while but its still a badass song to listen to and hydes vocals are fantastic with the simple riff.
ehhhh i love the song but its def. not the best on the album but i approve.

7.Redrum - Hyde/Kaz - 3:48
This song is a great song to follow Vampire Depression. It has the same theme but a little less dark and a little more fast and fun. It is catchy in its own way. Simple Riff, Awesome vocals and amazing drums= Great song
I Approve of this song

8. Deep Red - Hyde/Kaz - 5:25
This is more on the synthesizer side and its a bit slower than Redrum and not as hard in terms off riffs and the vocals. The vocals are more powerful like evanescent but the music is like Redrum mixed with a synthesizer and cosmos. Also being the longest song almost cripples it more. It is a good song but not one of those that will be your favorite. It's lacking something... but oh well its still pretty good.
My 2nd least favorite song on the album but i approve of it but its right there with secret in my heart

9. I Gotta Kick Start Now - Hyde/Hyde - 4:33
This is vamps 2nd single. Poor Kaz the first three singles vamps released were written by Hyde, music and Lyrics. But still Hyde knows how to make some awesome songs. This is Love addict but more laid back and a hanging out song. This song is awesome with the guitars doing their own thing and the vocals are more natural instead of forced like the rest. Its pretty long but its still incredible.
I Approve of this song.

10. Time Goes By - Hyde/Hyde - 4:10
This was the b-side on  the single Love Addict. seriously, Hyde got pretty possessive on this album o.o. Its still a great song and its very soothing but yet at the same time its loud. the balance here between them is great and Hydes vocals also are very natural and they get pretty high which adds to the peace of the song.
I Approve.

11. Sweet Dreams - Hyde/Kaz - 5:44
This song is Vamps 4th Single. YAY KAZ WROTE THE MUSIC FOR THIS ONE. i love hyde dearly but i felt bad for poor little kaz. But aside from that this is Vamps best song. It is musically the best and vocally the best. Its really serene and peaceful. Its slow yet fast, its very soft and it was written for hydes wife and child. He made the lyrics so soothing and whenever you listen to this you can FEEL the emotions running through you. You can picture a story happening as its going. It may be the longest song but idc its the best in my opinion.
I definatly approve!

12. Hunting - Hyde/Kaz - 1:56
It is a terrible transition from Sweet Dreams but thats ok. Very short but very fast and energetic. Its a song you can get up and run to or fight to or whatever.. It is a great song but its just repetitive. But since its so short thats ok. Very little vocals but when there is vocals its amazing how good it goes with the music.
I Approve.

13. Sex Blood Rock 'n Roll - Hyde/Hyde - 2:50
This song is so fun! The gig is sex and bloods our liqour!!. best line of the song it is just a party song and a dance song its so fun. it gets dark at one point but then it goes straight to the verse. You can't sit still listening to this you have to move and you can feel the fun rush through you. Great song.
I Approve again!

Over all this album is fantastic!!!!!!, This album has alot of good song transtitions but there are some which are debatable but still great album. Every song is in dropped D and everyone has a feeling that will purge your body. There is a song on there for everyone in any genre other than rap basically. Vamps does a GREAT job on this album. i can go on forever. Im not great at math but i do know that, Hyde + Kaz = Great combo and one of the strongest music due of all time. Vamps has huge potential to become the #1 band in the world.

Rating- 9/10, Almost perfect album if Secret in my Heart and Vampire Depression and Deep Red were a bit better, than 10/10 but i have to settle for 9/10


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  3. Thats my goal. If you want to tell me what your fav bands are and ill review some of their stuff.

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